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Other Circulars

Bulldog Series

This IP68 sealed RoHS compliant connector range has been specifically developed for harsh environment vehicle applications. Designed for quick, safe disconnection and ideal for jettison applications where damage limitations is critical. The Bulldog Series is designed to utilize standard MIL-C specification insert arrangements within a rugged and non-reflective shell design. The utilization of standard insert arrangements ensures the connectors’ suitability for Power, Signal and Strength.

Características e Benefícios

* Quick release breakaway
* Tailored mating & Breakaway force
* RoHS compliant
* 1000+ matings
* Scoop proof
* Sealed to IP68
* Corrosion resistant aluminum bronze
* Utilizes MIL-C standard insert arrangements
* Proven termination procedure


Ground Sytems & Vehicles
Bulldog Series

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