Bergstak® 0.50mm Mezzanine Connector

The BergStak® product range is expanded to include 0.5mm mezzanine connectors.
Available in 3mm to 6mm stack height options in 0.5mm increments, this connector is also offered in 10 to 60 positions in 10 position increments.
Designed with scoop-proof housing, the terminals are protected from damage when parts are mated.
BergStak® 0.5mm mezzanine connector comes with two options: Metal hold-down option ensures higher retention force; Locating pegs option eases manual assembly. Both options can be configured within a single connector.
BergStak® 0.5mm mezzanine connector is a comprehensive and versatile solution. The 0.5mm double row contact pitch feature saves space on PCB and is highly suitable for high density applications in consumer and industrial markets.


Safety & Security Systems
Bergstak® 0.50mm Mezzanine Connector

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