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Pressure Sensor

Backside Absolute Pressure Sensor Die – P1905 | NovaSensor

The NovaSensor P1905 Backside Absolute Pressure Sensor Die is a piezoresistive sensor die designed for absolute pressure measurements in aggressive (harsh) media. The die has a reference vacuum chamber formed by hermetic low-stress bonding of silicon cap to the top side of device wafer. By applying pressure from backside of the die, P1905sensor die eliminates the direct contact of sensor circuitry on top side with the applied media, which allows the P1905 die to measure pressure in aggressive liquids and gases. With NovaSensor’s SenStable® process, P1905 die features excellent long-term stability and repeatability (< 0.1% / year typ.).

Características e Benefícios

* Harsh media compatible

* Highly reliable, solid state silicon absolute pressure sensor die pressurized from cavity side

* Recommended pressure ranges:

* 0…100 PSIA to 0…300 PSIA

* Die dimensions (L x W x H):

* 1.93 mm x 1.93 mm x 1.64 mm

* Bond pads all on same side for easy application packaging

* Other pressure ranges available


Industrial Medical
Backside Absolute Pressure Sensor Die – P1905 | NovaSensor

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