Backplane Assemblies
Backplane Assemblies

Backplane Assemblies

Amphenol provides printed circuit processing capabilities that are among the world’s most advanced, specializing in high technology multilayer backplane applications. We are able to offer large panel sizes with high layer counts and features such as high-aspect ratio plating, small-diameter plated-through holes, and fine lines and spaces. Investments at this stage ensure predictable, repeatable manufacturability with reduced costs. We offer this in conjunction with the Amphenol Corporation’s complete breadth of interconnect products, giving our customers a one-stop solution.

Características e Benefícios

* Single or Double Sided
* Custom engineered for Large Format (29” x 47”)
* Component Edge Clearance .125”
* Minimum Component Body Size .0402
* Minimum Lead Pitch .020”
* Placement speed – 6000+ components / hour
* 20 zone, 12 foot reflow capability

Backplane Assemblies

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