Gas Sensor
Gas Sensor

Air Quality Electrochemical Toxic Gas Sensors

SGX Sensortech offer a range electrochemical toxic gas sensors designed for the measurement of atmospheric toxic gases, Carbon monoxide, Hydrogen sulphide, Ammonia, Nitrogen Dioxide and many more. The sensors are designed specifically for portable or fixed instrumentation for use within the Mining, Automation and control, Industrial health and safety, Oil and gas and utilities.

Características e Benefícios

Large range of gases and concentration levels

Low cross sensitivity

16 x 20 mm(4 series) and 16 x 32 mm (7 series)

Dual versions available

Low power

Leaded or non-lead based versions

Standard 4 series package and connections

RohS compliant

Long life


Industrail Oil & Gas
Air Quality Electrochemical Toxic Gas Sensors

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