System Attachments
System Attachments

ABS1424 Accessories

Designed to help guide wire bundles through aircraft and vehicles, AirLBF’s Standoffs were designed with strength, stability, and weight reduction in mind. These standoffs are made with black thermoplastic and conform to ABD031 and FAR 25853 flammability standards. There are two types of these standoffs – Type I has an operating temperature range of -67° to 266° and uses a screw mount; whereas Type II has an operating temperature range of -67° to 185° and uses a tie-down mount.

Características e Benefícios

* Lightweight thermoplastic
* Operating temperature : -55°C to + 85°C
* Suited for different structure thicknesses
* 2 functions in 1 product (depending on the PN) :
* Fixing on structure (by screw or with removable locking pin)
* Cable clamp (ex ABS 1339) are fixed by screw
* Conform to ABD 031 and FAR 25853


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ABS1424 Accessories

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