Position Sensor
Position Sensor

A15-3P 360º position sensor

This device is aimed to applications that need on-field arbitrary initial and final travel reference points calibration. Once these have been set, the A15-3P provides accurate position feedback output to the controller.

Designed to be a cost-effective replacement for absolute encoders, the A15-3P series offers an SMD, Vertical and Through Hole mount solution for the majority of Position/Angle Rotary Sensor and multi-purpose control applications such as garage door oppeners, gauges, rotary actuators and robotics.

Características e Benefícios

Electrical angle: 360º

Designed for direct input to microprocessor.

SMD, Horizontal or Through-hole Mount

Endless Rotation

Extended Mechanical Life

Working Temperature Range (-40ºC to +120ºC)

Low Profile (4. 4 mm)

Linearity (independent): ±2%

Embossed Tape or Bulk packaging

Reflow Soldering capability

Plug-in shafts

Shaft insertable from both sides

Polarised “T” rotor (European Home Appliance standard)

Ideal for Consumer Control and position sensing applications

IP54 protection according to IEC 60529


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A15-3P 360º position sensor

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