Junction Modules
Junction Modules

1200 Modules

Derived from the legacy 1100 series, Junction modules 1200 series are conform to the ABS1569 standard. Suitable for aircraft and military applications. Modules are mounted on rails. Different contact arrangements are available per contact size. Specially designed for microcurrents applications (to be fitted with female crimp contacts)

Características e Benefícios

* Military & Commercial Aerospace specification
* Microcurrents applications (modules fitted with female crimp contacts)
* Derived from EN3708 and NSA937901 standards
* Suited to save cable linear meters, then cost and weight
* Versatility of mixing on metallic tracks
* Overmold Technology offering excellent sealing performances
* Fire/Smoke/Toxicity conform to ABD 031 and FAR 25853


Avionics C4ISR Commercial Aircraft Ground Sytems & Vehicles Military Aircraft Naval Unmanned Systems
1200 Modules

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